Why should you invest in ILUS coin?

It’s common news that wildfires are spreading and are becoming more common and frequent across the world. While we battle climate change – precious lives at risk during emergencies can be saved if responders or government departments were equipped with the right equipment.

ILUS Technology

ILUS possesses unique patented technology, which can be used to save countless lives and water throughout the globe. For example, an ILUS system & nozzle will extinguish a typical car fire in 7 seconds, with 2 Responders using 10 gallons of water vs conventional technology using, 4 responders and 200-250 Gallons of water in 90 seconds.

The ILUS proprietary technology helps the company procreate eco-friendly transport like electric vehicles. These solutions make emergency services more sustainable and provide responders quicker more cost-effective access through the heavily congested urban areas.

Become Part of ILUS Family

The ILUS coin is intended to establish social awareness and rewards to both coin holders and the wider market. When you purchase ILUS coins — you become part of the ILUS family – and families take care of each other.


Our coin has a real-world use-case – something that very few cryptocurrencies can promise today – thus paving the way to the future. We believe the future will see an intersection between blockchain technology and real-life assets. Our parent company – ILUS International is already a public company with facilities in the UK and Dubai, manufacturing and providing vehicles and equipment to many of the world’s leading companies and governments. However, ILUS International does not necessarily offer top class equipment to leading companies and developed governments, we also service smaller companies and volunteer organizations as well as financially strained governments. It must be noted that the developing governments and rural areas don’t always have the upfront capital required for the capital costs of the equipment. ILUS Coin enables vulnerable communities to access top class fire equipment through a leasing model. The ILUS Coin purchases equipment using money raised through the coin sales. Money is then inserted back into the coin through the money made through the leasing or through the burning of coins which will increase the coin price.

We have an exceptional, highly successful team and your questions and queries are not left up in the air. We were built not just for professional crypto traders but also those buying crypto for the first time. This is why we support holders and buyers in everything we do. We pride ourselves on the fact that our coin is backed by a real-life asset