How does the ILUS coin work behind the scenes?

Toto Capital will also be providing lease financing to the Emergency Services and First Responders in emerging communities, helping responders to get equipped with critical equipment needed to perform their day-to-day life-saving jobs.

The power to make a difference in vulnerable communities and make a profit is in your hands.

When you buy the ILUS coin – the capital is used to buy fire fighting equipment from ILUS International with the funds accumulated from coin holders.  ILUS coin then leases the equipment out to the governments in need. 

The profits gained from these lease agreements are then used accordingly with the voting structure where ILUS coin holders can decide by way of a vote on how much of the profits are used to buy more equipment,  and how much of the profits are distributed evenly amongst coin holders.

The more profits are used to buy equipment and the bigger the stock on hand, then the more leasing contracts can be signed and the coin will increase in value due to an increase in ILUS Coin leasing earnings.

Future that make difference