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Get to know our ILUS COIN


ILUS coin is a BEP20 token brought to market by a strategic alliance between the Public company ILUS International Inc (OTC:ILUS) and Toto Capital who is an innovative boutique finance company operating out of Hong Kong, Panama and Dubai.

ILUS coin will help to provide critical life and earth saving technology and equipment to the people and places that really need it and who can’t afford it in the form on a lease contract. This helps the world meet its social responsibility while at the same time supporting the growth of ILUS International Inc to fulfil this enormous global demand for equipment and technology. ILUS Coin holders will benefit from both staking rewards and gains.

ILUS International Inc the public company will pay a quarterly dividend to Toto Capital which could be distributed to the coin holders to buy back and burn coins if the community votes accordingly. The income from the leasing contracts of equipment may also be distributed to buy back and burn coins if the community votes accordingly.

ILUS Coin can be bought and traded on eithe Pancake Swap or LA Token.

The coin will be listed on several mainstream credible exchanges both Defi and centralised exchanges, the first listing will be after the pre-sale has ended. The coin holders will then be able to trade their coins with other buyers and sellers.

There will be a total supply of 100 million coins. Check our whitepaper on how the coins will be utilised.

Nobody can predict for sure however it is hoped that the coin will reach several dollars in a short medium period due to the fact that it is highly desirable to own it and should return great rewards and has a limited supply. Importantly it is supporting an existing proven technology, demand and market managed by a public company and is not dependent on a speculative Research and Development project.

Due to the structure and nature of the ILUS coin, it is a utility token, once launched many decisions will be made by the community on a voting basis and has a social element supporting much needed lifesaving equipment to people who may not afford it otherwise. The coin is also domiciled offshore not in the USA.

Everyone that participated in the pre-sale will receive their ILUS Coins once the pre-sale has ended. This will also be announced on our twitter and telegram channels.

How does the ILUS coin work

Behind the scenes?

Toto Capital will also be providing lease financing to the Emergency Services and First Responders in emerging communities, helping responders to get equipped with critical equipment needed to perform their day-to-day life-saving jobs.