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About Us

With decades of experience in the fire and rescue industry, Nicolas Link – The CEO of ILUS International had a growing concern for governments and communities that remained vulnerable due to a lack of funds to buy state-of-the-art firefighting equipment. He recognised the need to raise funds to purchase leasing equipment while creating a profitable business for investors. It was then that he founded the ILUS coin.

The ILUS Coin is an innovative token with real use case, designed and presented by Toto Capital Inc.
The idea behind the token was conceptualized and brought to life through a business collaboration between Toto Capital Inc and ILUS International Inc – a public company on the OTC market in the United States.


Why should you invest in ILUS coin?

How does the ILUS coin work

Saving lives behind the scenes?

Toto Capital will be providing lease financing to the Emergency Services and First Responders in emerging communities, helping responders to get equipped with advanced lifesaving equipment and technology.

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Meet the Team

Nicolas Link – Founder

Nick is a British serial entrepreneur, having started and built numerous businesses in a wide range of sectors around the world including China, Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA. He is usually focused on technology and disrupting markets. As the founder of ILUS Coin – he conceptualized and brought the coin to life and continues to lead it strategically.


John Paul Backwell – Director

John has over 20 years of experience developing and leading Global Sales teams in the Fire & Security Industry – with a focus on disruptive products. He is responsible for assisting in client management and the generation and implementation of the leasing contracts for the coin holders and ILUS International.


James Gibbons – Chief Technology Officer

James is an experienced technology expert with 15 years experience in designing and building digital experiences both in the event and financial sectors. He is the CTO of ILUS Coin and oversees the design and development of the coin’s technical implementation.


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